Hidden Assets

In a civil litigation or divorce cases, any incriminating evidence is most likely located on a mobile device, such as a smartphone, laptop or tablet. Through forensic imaging of an electronic device, evidence of an undisclosed bank account, credit card, investment, property or other assets can often be discovered and used as evidence in cases.


Child Abduction

This abduction happens when a non-custodial parent takes a child with the intent of keeping the child from the other parent. The parent may take the child to another state or even another country in hopes of hiding from the other parent. Parental abduction most often occurs in extremely contentious cases when one parent is deliberately attempting to hurt the other parent. Unfortunately, it is the children that truly suffer the most in these scenarios.



Computer Forensics

In today’s world, massive amounts of data gets transferred, analyzed and stored daily. It is this data that holds much of the evidence sought after in a civil dispute. Central Investigations understands the complexities of stored data and has the skills to retrieve and analyze that data in a sound and defensible manner. Compute and mobile forensics, when combined with in-depth background investigations and research (including surveillance and undercover work), can help clients to gather evidence needed to build a strong defense and a solid case in complex civil litigation matters.


Computer forensics is the process of gathering information from typical devices such as desktops, laptop computers, external hard drives, or flash drives. The computer forensics technician creates a forensically sound copy of the drive so that the data can be examined without altering or affecting the original source of the data. The use of proper imaging devices is a critical step in creating a defensible and usable forensic copy for analysis and examination.


Traditional Investigative Services

Do you need a subject or subjects followed? Our investigative team has the capability to track and follow an individual(s) not only in the New York Metropolitan area, but around the world. We employ the finest surveillance specialists in the business.


Should your firm need a witness located, our investigators have over a century (combined) experience in interviewing and obtaining statements from witnesses.


Do you need official records from a government agency? let us navigate the red tape for you.


If you have doubts about your spouse or significant other. If you have doubts about the honesty of an employee. Do you want to know what computer sites your employees, spouse or children are visiting? Call us, we will find out!


Our investigators are highly experienced, ethical, and discreet.

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